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Zach Flynn

Welcome to my website! I am an economist. I currently work for Udemy. I formerly worked for: Compass Lexecon, Amazon and Afiniti. I got my PhD in economics from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. This site has links to my academic work and my resume/CV.

My main fields of academic research are industrial organization, productivity, econometrics, and environmental economics. Recently, I have been working on some applied macroeconomics work as well, related to my more micro work on productivity choice.

I study the distribution of technology across firms and industries, how it has changed over time, and how policies affect it. Technology in economics means transformation — a method of turning some goods and services into another good or service. Some methods are better than others and we say these methods have greater productivity. I study the distribution of productivity and how to recover it from data.

In industry work, I have experience doing everything from building models for pricing Amazon Prime to implementing empirical matching algorithms to efficiently match salespeople and customers. See my CV for more info.

I am a fan of the San Diego Padres and their annual quest to finish better than last place in the NL West.

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